The Gibsondale Cheese Company makes a variety of handmade farmstead cheeses. Our mission is to make an all-natural, locally produced farmstead cheese that is tasty enough for special occasions, but still affordable to find a place on any family’s table.

Our farm and cheese plant is nestled among the rolling green hills of Lawrence County Pennsylvania.  The farm is owned by the Dean family, who have been milking cows continuously on this farm since 1867.

You will not find Gibsondale on many maps, but it is a crossroads named after the Gibson family that settled here from Ireland before the Civil War.

We presently farm about 500 acres of land and keep about 130 cows. Only around 60 cows are milked on a daily basis.  By rotating our cattle through this process it keeps them healthy, happy and hormone-free, so they are able to produce quality milk to make our cheese.

We also sell old fashioned, slow pasteurized, cream line milk in our local area.

Our farmstead cheese is made right here on the farm and available for purchase. Head of the cheese operations is Adam Dean, the son of farm owners Phil and Cindy Dean. Adam is the fifth generation to take part of the operations here and he learned to make cheese from the famous Wisconsin cheese maker Eldore Hanni.

This site contains information about our pasture based farming system, our cattle, and of course our cheese.  We like having a personal relationship with our customers and look forward to hearing from you. You can email us anytime at

Adam Dean
571 Cow Path Lane
New Castle, PA 16101

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